Expert Working Group Papers

Key authorities and experts from across Canada joined together to examine potential impacts and implications of changes to resident duty hours in key health care domains. Medical educators, residents, physicians, sleep specialists and others helped develop six commentary papers on various cross-cutting issues related to Resident Duty Hours:

Patient Safety Commentary Paper

This paper explored relationships between resident duty hours, fatigue and patient safety focusing on the Canadian healthcare system. It also described practical approaches to fatigue management which may enhance the safety and quality of patient care in the Canadian Healthcare system. Click here to view key findings.

Contributors: Dr. Chris Parshuram (Chair), Dr. Fred Baxter, Dr. David Dinges, Dr. Drew Dawson, Dr. Hugh MacLeod, Dr. Peter Lennox, Dr. Michelle Jung, Dr. Steve Tilley, Dr. Roger Wong, Dr. Peter Ramon-Moliner, Dr. Roderick MacArthur and Dr. Ganesh Srinivasan

Medical Education Commentary Paper

This paper examined the impact and evidence related to the intersection of Resident Duty Hours and Medical Education, with a specific focus on innovations that could be leveraged in postgraduate (residency) medical education in Canada. Click here to view key findings.

Contributors: Dr. Paul Dagg (Chair), Dr. Farhan Bhanji, Dr. Daniel Albert Peters, Dr. Tarek Razek, Dr. Mathieu Dufour, Dr. Teodor Grantcharov, Dr. Natalie Logie, Dr. Mark Walton, Dr. Rick Moulton, Dr. Nathalie Saad, Dr. Chris Smith, Dr. Elysabeth Fonger, Dr. Moyez Ladhani, Dr. Mithu Sen and Dr. Eric Clark.

Health Systems Performance and Health Economics Commentary Paper

This paper considered the impact of Duty Hours Reform (DHR) on performance of health systems, including effects on human health resources, ability to meet clinical care obligations, costs of care provision, and impact on patient outcomes. Click here to view key findings.

Contributors: Dr. Maureen Shandling (Chair), Dr. Mathieu Rousseau, Dr. Doug Angus, Dr. Shirmee Doshi, Ms. Suzanne McGurn, Dr. Harshad Telang, Dr. Arthur Sweetman, Dr. Meera Rayar, Ms. Antonia Johnson, Dr. Anurag Saxena and Dr. Fayez Quereshy.

Professionalism Commentary paper

This paper searched for published evidence related to current understanding and thinking around issues of professionalism as they specifically relate to resident duty hours. Click here to view key findings.

Contributors: Dr. Shiphra Ginsburg (Chair), Dr. Richard Cruess, Dr. Sylvia Cruess, Dr. Fiona Bergin, Dr. Douglas Courtemanche, Dr. David McKnight, Dr. Alec Yarascavitch, Dr. Eric Hui, Dr. Doris Yuen, Dr. Tim Karachi and Dr. Adelle Atkinson

Resident and Faculty Health and Wellness Commentary Paper

This paper examined the impact of fatigue and duty hour regulations on mental, physical, and occupational health from the perspective of both residents and faculty. A broad search of the literature was conducted for each of these domains as they pertain to resident duty hours. Click here to view key findings.

Contributors: Dr. Jonathan DellaVedova (Co-chair), Dr. Susan Edwards (Co-chair), Dr. Arman Almain, Dr. Jaret Olson, Dr. Melissa Andrew, Dr. Melanie Lewis, Dr. Jordan Cohen, Dr. Barb Fitzgerald, Dr. Najib Ayas, Dr. Etienne Désilets, Dr. Noura Hassan and Dr. Lynn Ashdown.

Special Considerations for Procedural Disciplines Commentary Paper

This paper identified modifiable determinants and recommendations for potential changes to resident duty hours in the procedural and surgical disciplines. It examined resident wellness, education, patient safety and heterogeneity. Click here to view key findings.

Contributors: Dr. Najma Ahmed (Chair), Dr. Henry Broekhuyse, Dr. J.F. Chevalier, Dr. Maryam Elmi, Dr. Stan Feinburg, Dr. Liane Feldman, Dr. Sean Gorman, Dr. Ahmed Kayssi, Dr. Nir Lipsman, Dr. Todd Mainprize, Dr. Ravi Sidhu, Dr. Jefferson Wilson, Dr. Paola Fata, Dr. Grace Yeung, Dr. Jonathan Cools, Dr. Douglas Hedden, Dr. Brian Muir and Dr. Jonathan Spicer.